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The Caprio Group is dedicated to chaos management & dream building.
Let us set your dream in motion.
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Welcome to the
Caprio Group Home Page

The Caprio Group team integrates experience in
  • Computer Technology & Maintenance
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Usability Research
  • Website Development
  • Database Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization
to enable your online presence to transform your business or nonprofit inside and out.
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Products and Services

  • Websites that work™. Our background in Website Usability Research with Fortune 500 companies gives us a strong understanding of what makes a website fail and what makes a website work. To view our portfolio of websites click here. To inquire about what we can do for your website click here.

  • Caprio Group Custom Online Dbase™. An online database is essentially a website, a website that gives you power over your data and can be designed to match an established web presence or just meet your needs without extensive training. To contact us to see what we can do for you, click here.

  • Donor Mine™ is our modular online database for nonprofit management and administration. We have the competition beat on features, usability, and affordability. Choose from four editions - then add on as you need to. To learn more click here.

  • Donor Pay™ represents our expertise and relationships with online shopping carts, banks, payment gateways, Security Certificates and more. Accept major credit and debit cards, checks, set up monthly payments, Or what ever you need. TO inquire about what works best for your business, click here
Websites that Work bt the Caprio Group
Caprio Group Custom Dbase
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Donor Pay Online Payment Systems

The Caprio Group Mission

The Caprio Group is dedicated to 'chaos management and dream building'™. We believe that the mission and dream of your organization are important, and should be the focus of your efforts. Let us build the infrastructure you need to realize your vision and 'set your dream in motion™.'
Donor Mine™
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Nonprofit Management and Administration Software that Makes Sense!
  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful
  • Affordable

Donor Mine™ is Available in Four Editions:
  • Donor Mine™ Basic Edition
  • Donor Mine™ Standard Edition
  • Donor Mine™ Events Edition
  • Donor Mine™ Pro Edition

"Thank you for making such a smart system that is easy to learn. It's made my job so much easier!"
-- Megan Buchanan, Nonprofit Consultant, Stillwater, MN
"Well-supported and flexible..."
-- Hope Livingston

Donor Mine™
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