Web Stuff - support for Website and Database Designers
Over the last decade, we have collected tips, tricks, and graphics to help us build websites and databases. We've kept this information on the back pages of our website so we could easily access it when needed. In winter 2005, we discovered that these pages were getting thousands of hits through Google searchers looking for design help. Pleasantly surprised, we've been cleaning and organizing our notes to help other developers the way they helped us.

While these pages are far from comprehensive, we hope that you will find information that will help you design and code your own page. If you have additions or changes to anything you see here, let us know. We welcome input and we would love to expand these pages to make them as user-friendly as possible.

If you discover anything on this site whose author is not properly noted, please let us know so we can correct or remove it.

We hope you will enjoy designing as much as we do. If you need help designing your site, let us know.

Web Graphics and Backgrounds

Design Help

Website Creation Downloads
If you're just beginning to do web design, we recommend the following programs:
  • WS FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - great program for students and home use.
  • Cute HTML - a good HTML editor for coders.
  • HTMK Kit - another good HTML editor - freeware.
  • If you can afford it I recommend Macromedia DreamWeaver as an web site editor, It has a great graphical interface.
  • I also like Macromedia Fireworks for editing and creating pictures and graphics.
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